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Our lay leaders are our Vestry and Wardens, who are elected by the congregation. Primary leadership of the congregation is shared by the Senior Priest, the Senior Warden, and the Parish Director of Operations, under the continuing oversight of the Bishop. This is a different model from most Episcopal churches, where a priest with the title of Rector holds almost all authority.

Our Vestry

The Wardens and Vestry have ultimate authority and responsibility for the governance of the church, including the responsibility for parish property and financial affairs. In collaboration with the Senior Priest, the Wardens and Vestry are responsible for developing and executing policies that promote the church’s mission through worship, education, social action and service.

The Vestry’s Responsibilities

  • The vestry has primary responsibility for finances, the building, outreach, and parish life. Specifically, the vestry approves the annual budget and monitors its implementation and is responsible for the property of the parish.

  • While mission, evangelism, and stewardship are the responsibility of the whole congregation, the Vestry and Senior Warden, in consultation with the Senior Priest, guide and coordinate the congregation’s efforts in these areas.

The Senior Warden’s Responsibilities

  • With the Senior Priest and Vestry's guidance, the Senior Warden sets a clear vision with short-term and long-term goals for ministry and witness.

  • Leadership of vestry: The Senior Warden chairs the vestry, including setting the annual calendar for vestry meetings and retreat, setting the agenda for each meeting in consultation with the Senior Priest, and chairing meetings. The Senior Warden also communicates vestry decisions to the parish.

  • Finance: The Senior Warden appoints the Treasurer, stewardship chair and others as needed. With the Parish Director of Operations and others, the Senior Warden establishes budget-building, fiscal planning, and fundraising processes.

Current Members of the Vestry

Senior Warden: Brede Eschliman

Junior Warden:Michele Lewis-Muzzatti

Clerk: Liane Rozzell

Ester Saverson 

Louise Yinug

Melanie Acuña

Miguel Ortiz

Patti Brennan

Colette Chabbott

Cosby Hunt

Sarah Rogers

Adán Luna Mejía


Senior Priest: The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite


Treasurer: Brian Maney


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