In order to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Saint Stephen's has canceled public worship and most events until further notice.

St. Stephen's offers sacraments to mark sacred life occasions: baptism, marriage and holy union, confirmation and reception, and joining St. Stephen’s, as well as prayers for healing, thanksgiving for a child, blessing of a home, commitment to Christian service, discernment, at the time of death, or planning a funeral.




Holy Baptism is scheduled on the days designated in the Book of Common Prayer as particularly suitable for baptism: The Baptism of Our Lord, normally the first or second Sunday in January; Easter; The Day of Pentecost (fifty days after Easter); All Saints Sunday (the first Sunday in November); and when the Bishop visits. In addition, we schedule, as needed, a baptism between Pentecost and All Saints, frequently the first or second Sunday in September.

Each candidate is presented by one or more sponsors, sometimes called godparents. When sponsors do not include active members of St. Stephen’s, we ask a member of the congregation to be an additional sponsor so that every person baptized has a personal connection to the local community of faith.

Three sessions of preparation precede each baptism, normally held two weeks before, one week before, and the day before (or the day of) baptism. Sessions are attended by adult and older youth who are candidates; by parents of young children who are candidates; and by their sponsors when possible. The third session includes sponsors (godparents) as well as parents. The first of these sessions focuses on the meaning of baptism. The second focuses on Christian formation and the parts in it that parents and the church community play. The third session includes a rehearsal of baptism and focuses on the responsibilities of sponsors.

For further information, speak with The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite, St. Stephen’s Senior Priest (, or 202-232-0900).

Marriage and Holy Union

Every couple planning a wedding or celebration of their union should speak with the Senior Priest as far as possible in advance of a proposed date. At St. Stephen’s, ninety days notice is the minimum required to plan a wedding and to provide the necessary pre-marriage instruction. When one or both of the couple have been married before, additional time is needed. While St. Stephen’s is thrilled to be able to marry same-sex couples, we follow the guidelines issued by our bishop regarding same-sex marriage.

Preparation for Holy Matrimony and for the Blessing of a Holy Union normally includes an initial meeting with one of the clergy, attendance at a Saturday workshop with other couples planning weddings, and one or more meetings with the officiating priest to focus on relationship counseling and ceremony planning. Topics covered typically include personality, personal history, financial planning and values, communication, and the sacramental nature of marriage.

The clergy are happy to discuss particular situations and circumstances with any couple, and encourage your making an appointment to do so. Contact the church office (, or 202-232-0900).

Confirmation and Reception into this Church

Confirmation is the renewal of one’s baptismal promises before the Bishop, who represents the Apostolic Presence in the Church and is the chief pastor of the diocese. The Episcopal Church maintains the hope and expectation that every person baptized at a young age will make a public affirmation of baptismal promises by being confirmed by the bishop.

Confirmations in the Diocese of Washington take place at the cathedral several times a year. Parishes gather for these festive celebrations underlining the fact that the Church is far larger than one’s individual congregation.

Reception into The Episcopal Church is appropriate for those from other denominations/faith groups who have, through either adult baptism, confirmation, or in some equivalent rite, made a prior mature public affirmation of baptismal promises. Confirmation and Reception are essentially the same rite, differing only slightly in the form that the bishop uses to bless the candidate.

Reaffirmation of one’s baptismal promises is appropriate for those who wish to renew their baptismal vows in response to a reawakening of faith or some significant transition or event in their lives.

Generally in the spring, we offer a concise retreat to prepare for confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation. For further information, speak with The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite, St. Stephen’s Senior Priest (, or 202-232-0900).

Membership in St. Stephen’s

To become a member of St. Stephen’s, you can:

  • be baptized here, if you have never been baptized;

  • let the parish office know that you wish to have your membership transferred here;

  • or, if you are uncertain as to where your membership now resides, let the parish office know that you wish to be included as a baptized member.

Other Sacraments and Services


The Laying on of Hands and Anointing of the Sick has been, from ancient times, a normal ministry of the Church for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Healing prayers are always offered for those desiring this sacrament following the 10:30 Sunday liturgy. At other times, anyone may ask for the Sacrament of Healing from any of the priests.


Thanksgiving for the Birth or Adoption of a Child

As soon after a new child is born or adopted, we encourage parents to bring the child to church so that the Christian community can offer prayers of thanksgiving and blessing. Speak to Father Leite or to Parish Director of Operations Mike Ritonia to plan for this brief and meaningful act of worship (, or 202-232-0900).

The Blessing of a Home

The clergy are happy to arrange for the blessing of a house, whether new or not. The service can be very simple or more festive, and may or may not include people beyond the family of the house. Speak to one of the clergy to arrange a time and to plan the service.

For further information, speak with The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite, St. Stephen’s Senior Priest (, or 202-232-0900).


Commitment to Christian Service

When a person undertakes some new responsibility in the course of living out one’s life as a baptized Christian, it is appropriate to share this fact with the parish family and to ask theirs and God’s blessing on the new work. The Prayer Book provides a form for such commitment. If this fits your situation, speak with The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite, St. Stephen’s Senior Priest (, or 202-232-0900).


Sometimes a person needs to gather a small group of folk to engage in a discernment process regarding some important decision. Speak to Father Leite to explore the establishment of a “Clearness Committee” and to find out possibilities for discernment (, or 202-232-0900).

At the Time of Death

When a member of the parish is near death, speak to one of the parish clergy so that the ministrations of the Church can be provided as well as other types of support, including visiting the person and the family, offering prayers, and providing other support as needed.

For further information, speak with The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite, St. Stephen’s Senior Priest (, or 202-232-0900).

Advance Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

We encourage planning your funeral or memorial service so that your wishes may be followed and the ministrations of the Church can avail to help family and loved ones to the fullest extent at the time of death. Parish clergy can assist you in making your desires known and in explaining the resources of the Christian tradition to address the issues of death and dying. For further information, speak with The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite, St. Stephen’s Senior Priest (, or 202-232-0900).