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Using the Auditorium

for Meetings

The auditorium is located on the main floor of the building and is accessible to people with disabilities only through an indirect way, as the primary access to this room is up a flight of stairs from the 16th Street side door.

During the day on weekdays, events in the auditorium must be quiet enough to not interfere with the work going on in adjacent offices — no drums or amplified music, for instance. Weekday evening events can be a bit louder, but again can’t interfere with those who might be working late.


Things to know about the auditorium:

  • capacity is 100 people standing; 100 sitting in chairs in rows; 85 sitting at tables

  • normally has about 100 chairs; approximately 50 more chairs can be brought in from the church (and must be returned to the church at the end of the event)

  • no sound system

  • normally has 6 round tables and 6 rectangular tables

  • has a stage, but access is only from the front of the stage — no access from the sides

  • offices are located adjacent to the auditorium and on the floor above off a balcony open to the auditorium; at times people need to get into those offices

  • The auditorium is not available on Sundays or major Feast days.


See the main space-usage page for the rates we charge for organizations and private groups.

​Inquire about reserving this space

Please contact us to inquire about reserving this space using one of the three methods below:

  • by phone: 202-232-0900. Our regular business hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am to 4pm. If we are unable to answer, please leave a message with the details of your inquiry to rent such as:

  • Type of event

  • Number of guests

  • Requested room

  • Requested date and time for your event

  • Contact information (phone number/email) for the person in charge of the reservation (plus the name of the organization if you're a community group)

  • Have you visited the church to see the space? Do you know something about the space already and how you would like to use it?

We will review each inquiry to determine if we are able to accommodate your request.


Space users will be required to fill out and sign a contract. The contract includes rules that must be followed while in the space, including those related to noise and cleaning and others. 

Get the fillable contract (PDF)

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