Using the Auditorium

for Meetings

Due to the Covid-19 quarantine all public activities including space rentals are canceled until further notice.


The auditorium is located on the second floor of the building and is accessible to people with disabilities only through an indirect way, as the primary access is up a flight of stairs from the 16th Street side door.

During the day on weekdays, events in the auditorium must be quiet enough to not interfere with the work going on in adjacent offices — no drums or amplified music, for instance. Weekday evening events can be a bit louder, but again can’t interfere with those who might be working late.

St. Stephen’s Church is pleased to provide the use of its rooms at low cost for events that provide a benefit to our neighborhood, our city, and our world. For such events, we require reimbursement for any costs we incur for cleaning and security (and we have the final word about whether cleaning or security are required for any event). In addition, we request a donation for the use of space, based upon a sliding scale, the minimum of $45 per hour.

St. Stephen’s also rents rooms for private parties such as wedding receptions, birthdays, and quinceñeras. The cost for this type of event is $95 per hour plus security and cleaning. Please contact the church office directly to make arrangements for a private party.


Things to know about the auditorium:

  • capacity is 100 people standing; 100 sitting in chairs in rows; 85 sitting at tables

  • normally has 100 or so chairs; approximately 50 more chairs can be brought in from the church (and must be returned to the church at the end of the event)

  • no sound system

  • normally has 6 round tables and 6 rectangular tables

  • has a stage, but access is only from the front of the stage — no access from the sides

  • offices are located adjacent to the auditorium and on the floor above off of a balcony open to the auditorium; at times people need to get into those offices.

  • The auditorium is not available on Sundays or major Feast days.

Visit our calendar page to check availability and request the use of the auditorium for an event.

Make a donation to reserve event or sleeping space by following this link..