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Weekly announcements - August 5

Upcoming events:

Sunday, September 11

  • Parish picnic All who attend the 8:30am, 10:30am and 5:30pm services are welcome to this picnic, which will be held at the lunch hour, following the conclusion of the 10:30am service. More details, including the location, to come.

General announcements

Come sing with the summer choir

Anyone is welcome to come at 9:30am, before the later Sunday morning worship service, to sing in the "summer choir." In the summer, the "regular" choir does not meet during the week for rehearsals (Thursday evenings). The only practice for the 10:30am service is the one on Sunday mornings at 9:30, when we go over the psalm, the hymns, and a short (and easy) anthem for the 10:30am service. Come join us on any summer Sunday! Samaritan Ministry's Empowering Our Neighbors in Need (ENN) Campaign From now through the end of September, you can contribute important essentials to empower our neighbors in need. These items include:

  • gift cards

  • Giant supermarket gift cards ($25)

  • Always needed – full-sized:

  • bar soap

  • body wash

  • lotion

  • deodorant

  • razors

  • shaving cream

  • shampoo

  • toothpaste

  • toothbrushes

  • household items

  • small bottles of dish detergent/soap

  • laundry pods

  • pocket-sized packs of facial tissue

  • wash cloths and towels

You can make these contributions in several ways. You may bring your donations to church on Sunday and place them in the box near the entrance of the church designated for this purpose, or you can go online to the Amazon wish list and have them delivered directly to SMGW. If you do this, make sure you check the box for a gift and then put “from Saint Stephen & the Incarnation” as the gift message. Finally, you may drop off your donation at: SMGW 1516 Hamilton Street, NW Washington, DC 20011 Thank you in advance for your support for our neighbors in need. A Gentle Reminder As we proceed through the summer, a reminder keep your pledge up to date. Just like your household, the church has regularly monthly expenses we must meet, so your help in making regular pledge payments insures we can meet them. Thank you for your commitment and faithfulness to our community. Calling All Bakers

Do you bake? Do you bake bread? We need volunteers to bake bread for the 10:30am Sunday Eucharist. Please call or email Bill MacKaye at 202-374-5100 if you would like to bake bread on the first Sunday each month or the fifth Sunday (only four times a year!) or occasionally as a substitute. Update on the progress of the Healing Group work

Step 1: As you know, parishioners from the 8:00am, 10:30am and Misa Alegria worshiping communities were invited by the Healing Task Force to participate in a process intended to allow parishioners who were affected by the events surrounding Father Sam’s departure to share thoughts and feelings, to listen carefully and respectfully to one another, to reflect on the pain each of us may have caused others and to discern together what we need to repair damage done and to agree together on how we will create a different future.

More than 50 parishioners have participated in the process thus far, with each affinity group completing at least two listening sessions. The task force expects the work of the small groups to be completed by mid- to late September.

Step 2: At the conclusion of the small-group sessions, we will meet, and each affinity group will share what it wants others to know from its discussions. We will seek to understand each others’ perspectives and experiences and will look for common threads in conflicts that are destructive to our community.

Step 3: Based on the insights from this process, we will agree on changes we can make to avoid similar situations in the future. This will inform the search for a new rector and other aspects of church life. The task force is seeking a bilingual facilitator to work with us during the large-group sessions. We expect the process to run through November.

Supporting the work

Steps 2 and 3 will be open to all interested parishioners in addition to the people who have participated in the affinity groups. We will keep you informed well in advance of the dates for these larger community meetings.

Prayers for the work

We are grateful for the parishioners who have participated in the process thus far, and we invite them, along with the rest of the congregation, to pray the following prayer daily for the healing work of the congregation:

May the God who goes before us through desert places by night and by day be our companion and guide; may our journey be with the saints; may the Holy Spirit be our strength, and Christ our clothing

of light, in whose name we pray. Amen. Peace, The Healing Task Force: Bill MacKaye, Elizabeth Finley, John Payne, Liane Rozzell, Lindsey Foss, Maria Mercedes Bejarano, Nicole Martinez Moore, Sandra Moore