Events and Updates

Weekly Update as of May 26th, 2020

Thursday, May 28

  • 8am Morning Prayer live on Facebook (English) or via Zoom. Please contact Fr. Sam at <> for Zoom link.

Daily Prayer

  • 8pm Daily Compline (English). Please contact Ryan Knight for the zoom links <>.

Sunday Prayer

  • 10am Sunday School, Godly and interactive reflection with Lisa Luceno.

  • New Godly Play Youtube videos available each Sunday for children.

  • Saint Stephen Youtube Service upload in English and Spanish.

  • National Cathedral Sunday Services

Virtual Prayer

  • Saint Stephen website page dedicated to compiling Devotional Resources.

  • Book of Common Prayer

Tweens and Teens Program

Thank you to all the teens and tweens who participated in the kick-off meeting last Sunday! We enjoyed getting to know each other and hearing what you're interested in doing, and we're excited to build on what you told us. We will not meet this Sunday (5/24) due to the Memorial Day holiday, but will be back with our next meeting at 1:00 pm on Sunday, May 31. Please contact Linda at <> to get the zoom link, or if you have any questions.

Your Loaves and Fishes Ministry Donates Food Cards to Tenants in Distress

In response to an urgent appeal from the DC Tenants Union, St. Stephen’s Loaves and Fishes program recently donated $3,000 worth of food cards to selected tenants in an apartment building near St. Stephen’s and the Incarnation. The recipients of this gift, laid off from service-oriented employers in Washington, DC and ineligible for federal assistance, have all been struggling to meet rental demands and to feed their families during the Coronavirus outbreak. Melanie Acuna from Misa Alegria and Nigel Collie from Loaves and Fishes presented the donation to leaders of the tenants in front of their building on 15th Street, NW on May 10. Later, the tenants expressed their sincere gratitude for our support, several saying that the gift, $50 cards for each tenant, made a big difference to their families. Your Loaves and Fishes ministry is exploring additional ways to make a difference during this crisis.

Children Programming

  • A Godly Play lesson for children and their families ready for broadcast on Youtbe Sunday mornings.

  • For updates on Children's programs please contact Ms. Jane Bishop, our Christian Education coordinator. If children or parents wish to check in and chat, I am open to email: <> and text any time, as well as telephone calls any day after 6pm.

  • Has anybody made an Easter kite that perhaps we can fly on Pentecost (May 31)?

Food Resources in Washington, D.C.

To view the latest updates on food resources please visit this page.

Prayer Requests

We pray for those who have been commended to our prayers at this time: Mona Argentini, Paul, Maggie and Lisa Buonarosa, Ridgely Bennett, Tessie, Melissa Chavez, Paula Collie, Larry Couthern, Brian Dawson, Stephenie DeKouadio, Brenda Evans, Gabriel Fabre, Renee Fairfax, Enedina Garza, Dolly Guertin, Betsy Hague, Murray Hankins, Santa Helena, Steve Hodges, Bertha Hunter, Bill MacKaye, Vittorina Muzzatti, Mary and John Milroy, Ester Saverson, Antonio Smith, Ianne Smith, Doris Jones, Lyndsay Jones, Trisha White, Darunee Wilson, María, Jo-Ann Ledford, Kim Klein, Wil Walkoe, John, Tommy, Keith, Kathy, Jesse, Nanci, Ernie Jackson, Melissa Rice, Kathy, Ron, Alex, Gloria, Beth, the Ortiz family, José, Miguel, Norma, Erin, Eric, Barbara and Joseph Lucas, Catalina and her siblings, Melvagene and her community, Raquel and her newborn twin daughters.

Pastoral Care

Thank you to all who have made offers to volunteer with pastoral care needs during this time. We continue to invite anyone who can run errands, make telephone calls to update members without emails, or to be a listener and companion to anyone. Please call or email Susan Walker at 202-210-5385 or <> to be added to the list of helpers. If you become sick, even if you have no immediate needs, please know we care about you and want to know your situation. Please give Susan a call, text message, or email so we can support and pray for you.

Virtual Connection

Saint Stephen has various social media outlets for our parishioners to engage:

Habits of Grace, Week of May 18, 2020: An invitation for you, from Presiding Bishop Curry

As we learn how to adjust our lives given the reality of the coronavirus and the request to do our part to slow its spread by practicing social distancing, I invite you to join me each week to take a moment to cultivate a ‘habit of grace.’ A new meditation will be posted through May.