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Weekly Newsletter Update 4.20.20

Be a House Church

Following the steps of the Early Church, we invite you to start a prayer group and/or study group at home. You can find liturgical resources on our webpage, our Facebook page in English or Spanish and our YouTube page.

A special thanks to those of you who are already bringing people together for prayer and study using creativity and technology.

Prayers and Devotions

Our church has deep roots in the monastic tradition of prayer and bible reading. Our Book of Common Prayer (BCP) has all the liturgies for daily devotions. You can find the Book of Common Prayer here and on our website.

You are invited to enter in communal prayer in your home every evening at 8 pm. The evening liturgy, Compline, can be found on page 127 of the BCP.

Sunday Online Worship

Our parish is offering recorded Sunday morning worship through our Youtube and Facebook pages.

Washington National Cathedral also is live streaming Sunday worship through their YouTube page.

We are still learning how to stay connected with one another, and more devotions will be uploaded to our website in this learning process.

Above all, we are still church even without a building to gather, or a place to say our public worship. You are the temple were God’s manifestation is revealed in this world. We will overcome this hard season caring for one another and living in the love that God has called us to abide in.

For any pastoral need, please don’t hesitate to contact Rev. Susan Walker or Father Sam Dessórdi at <>.

Pastoral Care

Thank you to all who have made offers to volunteer with pastoral care needs during this time. We continue to invite anyone who can run errands, make telephone calls to update members without emails, or to be a listener and companion to anyone. Please email Susan Walker at <> to be added to the list of helpers.

If you become sick, even if you have no immediate needs, please know we care about you and want to know your situation. Please give Susan a call, text message, or email so we can support and pray for you.

As we daily navigate the protocols and directives from medical experts, it is clear that this pandemic has required us to change behaviors: how we practice hygiene, how we work, how we socialize, and how we pray and act in response to those in need. This is also an opportunity to discover the importance of small gestures - a note or call, a wave “hello” to another person across the street, a package of needed items delivered to a door step. We can all demonstrate caring in little, tender ways.

Prayer Requests

We pray for those who have been commended to our prayers at this time: Mona Argentini, Paul, Maggie and Lisa Buonarosa, Ridgely Bennett, Tessie, Melissa Chavez, Paula Collie, Larry Couthern, Brian Dawson, Stephenie DeKouadio, Brenda Evans, Gabriel Fabre, Renee Fairfax, Enedina Garza, Dolly Guertin, Betsy Hague, Murray Hankins, Santa Helena, Steve Hodges, Bertha Hunter, Bill MacKaye, Vittorina Muzzatti, Mary and John Milroy, Ester Saverson, Antonio Smith, Ianne Smith, Doris Jones, Lyndsay Jones, Trisha White, Darunee Wilson, María, Jo-Ann Ledford, Kim Klein, Joan Ritonia, Wil Walkoe, John, Tommy, Keith, Kathy, Jesse, Nanci, Ernie Jackson, Melissa Rice, Kathy, Ron, Alex, Gloria, Beth, the Ortiz family, Catalina and her siblings, Melvagene and her community.

We pray for the repose of the soul of Claritza Elizabeth Rebolorio Santos, sister of Elsa Rebolorio, Misa Alegria member.

"Give rest, O Christ, to your servant with your saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting."

First Quarter 2020 Giving Statements

Statements including all gifts received this year on or before March 31, 2020 are being mailed this week and early next. Gifts received after April 1 are not included. If you do not receive a statement it is most likely we do not have your address on file or we have an incorrect one.

If you have questions about your statement, or if you would like to update your mailing address, please email Mike at the office <>.

Support of our Part Time Employees

Due to your generosity the church has received nearly $10,000 in gifts designated to continue paying our Part Time employees during this difficult time of quarantine. Thank You!

Financial Support for St. Stephen's

While closing the church was necessary to protect our community, it also presents a significant financial challenge since we rely heavily on our building for income. Please consider the following ways that you can support St. Stephen and the Incarnation:

  • Remember your pledge: If you pledged for 2020, you can still fulfill your pledge even when the building is closed. The best way to do that is by paying online; select "St. Stephen's annual pledge" as the Fund. You may also still mail a check to the church, but paying online is preferable because it minimizes the amount of mail that Mike has to handle.

  • Check your auto-pay: If you set up auto-pay for your pledge in 2019 and increased your pledge for 2020, you may want to check that you adjusted your auto-pay amount.

  • Consider donating extra during the emergency: The temporary loss of our space puts us at significant financial risk even if all pledges are fulfilled. If you have the means, please consider donating extra--simply select "Covid-19" as the Fund.

Virtual Connection

Saint Stephen has various social media outlets for our parishioners to engage

Hunger Doesn’t Pause for the Coronavirus

Loaves and Fishes Continues to Provide Meals to the Hungry on its Regular Weekend Schedule. The Loaves and Fishes program hardly missed a beat when the bishop ordered the church closed on March 11. By the following weekend Loaves and Fishes was providing bag lunches to our guests, and again the following weekend, and they will continue on the regular Saturday and Sunday schedule for as long as the social distancing recommendations are in force. Spearheaded by Loaves and Fishes Coordinator Denize Stanton-Williams, a small group of volunteers, sanitized and garbed with face masks and gloves, have been preparing sandwiches and adding a bag of chips and a bottle of water for our guests, all the while maintaining appropriate distances. The bags are given to our guests just outside the entrance to the kitchen on the Meridian Place side of the church.

Loaves and Fishes still needs money to continue providing meals to the hungry. Please consider donating through our website or directly to St. Stephens, putting Loaves and Fishes on the memo line of your check.