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This week at Saint Stephen's

Thursday, January 9

  • 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal in the Auditorium.

Sunday, January 12

  • 8am Holy Eucharist Rite I, The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite presides and preaches.

  • 9:15am Forum: January 12 and 19, Paul Crego. Translations of the Nicene Creed into English and Their Use in Anglican Liturgy. St. Stephen’s member, Dr. Paul Crego will present a two-part history of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed.

  • 10:10am Sharing the Gospel with Loaves and Fishes.

  • 10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II, Sam Dessórdi Leite presides and The Rev. Donald Schell preaches.

  • 5:30pm Misa Alegría (Spanish language liturgy). The Rev. Sam Dessórdi Leite preaches and presides.

The Feast of Epiphany | St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church

The Feast of Epiphany with an illustrious visitor

This past Sunday, at Misa Alegria, our parish had the opportunity to reenact an old Christian tradition, the Feast of the Three Kings. Around 80 people, adults and children, came to worship to celebrate the mystery of God’s manifestation in the person of Jesus Christ. The dramatization of the story has the role of creating awareness to the multicultural dimension of the body of Christ, the church. This past Sunday, we were fortunate and excited to welcome a visitor from far away: the Very Rev. Gustavo Oliveira, dean of Good Shepherd cathedral in Recife, Brazil. Dean Oliveira is a member of the Bilateral Committee Brazil/TEC (The Episcopal Church) and has been interested in learning better practices to strengthen the relationship between the two churches through the dialogue of cultures in our churches. To fully experience that, he was one of the three kings in our dramatization last Sunday, together with Jesus Lopez (from Nicaragua), and Alex Garcia (from El Salvador).

In Latin America the traditions around the Feast of the day of Epiphany have been reshaped by their cultural context and received different names: Feast of the Kings, Reisada, Folia de Reyes, etc. For us in St. Stephen and the Incarnation, the Feast has provided us with an opportunity to proclaim that cultural diversity is an important part of who we are.

After the service, the celebration continued in the parish auditorium where families shared food and took turns trying to break open piñatas, to the delight of the children. Following the custom, children also received gifts from our church members. A very special thanks to everyone who donated time, energy and gifts to make this annual celebration possible.

Fr. Sam Dessórdi Leite

Video of the Feast of Kings 2020

Please click on this link to view the video of the Fiesta de Reyes 2020 composed by Fr. Sam Dessórdi Leite .

Upcoming Forums

January 12 and 19, Paul Crego presents: Translations of the Nicene Creed into English and Their Use in Anglican Liturgy. St. Stephen’s member, Dr. Paul Crego will present a two-part history of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed. (What does Constantinople have to do with it?) Focusing on the English versions and beginning with Thomas Cranmer’s 1549 Book of Common Prayer, we will work through to the version we presently use at St. Stephen’s. We will take a look at the original Greek text and the struggle of translating nuances of Greek into English. We will spend some time on the Latin text; the latter being known now through its use in many musical settings. We will take a look at how this creed came to be used as a part of the Eucharist liturgy. Finally, we will debate the why or why not of the filioque [“and from the son”]. Please join us for this scholarly presentation on the words we use each week to proclaim our faith. Here are two links to texts for further reading: <> and <> each week to proclaim our faith.

January 26, The Rev. Martin Smith presents: The Emerging of The Bishops. For those who identify as Episcopalians there is a special interest in learning how and when the Church chose to organize itself around the office of Bishop, as the guarantor of the church’s cohesion, a collective decision that was being consolidated in the early decades of the second century. We will look into the later epistles and early Christian documents, such as the Didache and the letters of Ignatius of Antioch.

Transportation Request

Parishioner Kim Klein is in need of transportation this month to medical appointments from her home on Longfellow St., NW to Wisconsin Ave., in Chevy Chase. The appointments are all at 10:30am and the dates are: January 6, 9, 16, 21, 23, 27, and 30. Please text or call Kim at 202-390-6075 if you can help.