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Tuesday, April 15

  • Holy Eucharist: 8am (in English)

Wednesday, April 16

  • Holy Eucharist: 8am (in English)
  • Tenebrae: 7pm (in English)

Thursday, April 17

  • Maundy Thursday: 7pm (in English and Spanish)

Friday, April 18

  • Good Friday Liturgy: Noon (in English), 7pm (in English and Spanish)

Saturday, April 19

  • Holy Saturday Liturgy: 10am (in English), followed by preparing the church for Easter
  • The Great Vigil of Easter: 8pm (in English and Spanish), followed by a festive party; bring food or drink to share. This year’s Great Vigil of Easter includes an array of stories that the Friday night Lenten gatherings have joyfully prepared.  If you have never been to the Vigil, you won’t want to miss it. Think of the Vigil as the People of God gathered around the fire, our Paschal Candle symbolizing the Presence of the Risen Lord, by the side of the river, symbolized by the font of baptism (Red Sea, River Jordan), telling our most sacred stories.   That is what builds up community, a community where language is less of a barrier and where other differences  only cause us to celebrate our oneness more. 

Sunday, April 20

  • Easter Day Holy Eucharist: 8am (in English), 10:30am (in English), 5:15pm (in Spanish)  

Auditorium Bathroom and Kitchen Construction
St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church recently wrapped up the fundraising part of Widening The Circle, our first ever capital campaign. We've raised just over one million dollars, and work is now underway on the first major project made possible by those donations. In mid-May we will gladly make use of new bathrooms and a small kitchen in the corner of the auditorium that was home to bathrooms that were in very poor shape. Follow the construction here.

Square Dance; Federal Bureau of Juggling
Yyou may be interested in these events being put on by others at St. Stephen's Church:

  • Square Dance:  Saturday, April 26, 8:30pm until midnight, in the church. The DC Square Dance Collective's dances at St. Stephen's are the largest regularly-occurring square dances in the world!
  • The Federal Bureau of Juggling meets for open juggling on fourth Tuesdays at St. Stephen's, 6-9pm in the auditorium. Meetings are free and open to the public. Beginners are welcome! The Bureau is happy to teach and share equipment.







St. Stephen's is the Episcopal church in Columbia Heights and Mt. Pleasant
1525 Newton Street NW * Washington, DC 20010
202-232-0900 *