St. Stephen and the Incarnation is a community of seeker/learners desiring to know ourselves and others as much-loved children of God and to serve God by loving and serving others.

We are an open and growing Episcopal church with roots in the movement for more inclusiveness. Our great diversity of backgrounds, lifestyles and callings is a resource from which we draw our strength.

We seek to respond to the needs across the spectrum of human experience-through our own Loaves and Fishes program, through the rich variety of groups and ministries housed in our parish building and through the efforts each of us makes in our daily life and work to serve our neighbors.  Our worship, centered on the Eucharistic feast, deepens our faith and encourages us to faithful action.

We are claiming our responsibility as ministers of the Gospel through a unique parish leadership structure.  Lay people and a committed, intentional group of clergy persons led by our Senior Priest work in partnership–to share gifts, to nurture the faith, and to grow together in the love of Christ.

We invite you to consider being a part of our community as we strive to serve God and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Our History

Want to learn more about St. Stephen’s? Read a brief history of our church or visit the history website.